Small Scan Study: Long-Term Methamphetamine Use Causes More Brain Damage In Teens Than Adults

HealthDay (2/18, Preidt) reports that research published in Molecular Psychiatry suggests that “long-term use of methamphetamine causes more brain damage in teens than adults.” Investigators “conducted MRI brain scans of 51 teen and 54 adult chronic methamphetamine abusers.” They also scanned the brains of 60 teenagers and 60 adults who did not use methamphetamine. The researchers found that the “teen methamphetamine users had greater and more widespread changes in their brains” than the adult methamphetamine users, with the changes being particularly “evident in the frontal cortex.”

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— “Methamphetamine May be More Harmful to Teen Brains,” Robert Preidt, HealthDay, February 17, 2015.

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